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Promoting and protecting children’s rights in England

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The Children's Commissioner for England promotes and protects children's rights in England. She does this by listening to what children and young people say about what matters to them and making sure adults in charge take their views and interests into account.

The law says that, in her work, the Children's Commissioner should have particular regard to children living away from home or receiving social care, as set out in Section 8A of the Children Act 2004.

The Commissioner is supported in her work by a team of staff at the Office of the Children's Commissioner (OCC). Together, they are responsible for the rights of all children and young people until they are 18 years old, or 25 years if they have been in care, are care leavers or have a disability.

Rachel and Meryem, who previously provided advice at the Office of the Children's Rights Director, have moved to OCC and will continue to provide support alongside Jenny Clifton, Principal Policer Adviser (Safeguarding). So, If you are a child or young person who lives away from home or who receives social care and who needs advice or assistance, you can find out how we can help and get in touch with us by calling free phone 0800 528 0731.

We would like to recommend that you try and get your questions answered by adults who work directly with you or your local advocacy service for children in care before contacting us but if you can't do this or you they have not been properly answered do contact us.


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Promoting and Protecting Children's Rights